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The very first Yamaha motorcycles ever produced were in 1955 and they were the Yamaha YA-1. The YA-1 had some unique features that made it stand out from the rest of the crowd. It had a cantilever seat and a rear plunger style suspension system. These bikes marked the beginning of a long line of successful, class leading motorcycles.

While the YA-1 was only sold in Japan , Yamaha motorcycles quickly made the continental leap to the United States in 1960 when they began selling motorcycles with the Yamaha name. Two years earlier, their bikes were sold in the U.S. but it through Cooper Motors, an independent distributor. By the 1970's, Yamaha motorcycles had made a name for themselves in the United States with innovative machines such as the DT-1 Enduro, the world's first dual purpose motorcycle, and the YZ Monocross, the first ever single shock motocross bikes produced.

Throughout the years, Yamaha motorcycles have continuously produced award winning bikes that are both innovative and reliable. Bikes like the YZF-R1 that reigned in the open class for years and the V-max 1200 muscle bike which was loved by many as a great muscle bike with unlimited potential. Yamaha Motorcycles have proven themselves to be engineered with cutting edge technology to bring you great machines that are both dependable and extremely fast.

Yamaha Motorcycles
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When it comes to motorcycling, sisters have always been doin’ it for themselves
In recent years, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has reported that almost half of the students in most new rider training classes are women. But history shows that there have always been avid, expert female motorcyclists. Here are five famous female riders who are truly “old school.”

1.) Linda Dugeau " The original “Motor Maid”
In the ‘30s, there was an association of female aviators called the “Ninety-nine Club”. This inspired Linda to form a similar association of female motorcyclists. She teamed up with Dot Robinson, a well-known competition rider, to form a club called the “Motor Maids.”
It took Linda and Dot several years to find the 50 members they needed to earn an AMA charter, but the Motor Maids were soon known for their smart uniforms, complete with white gloves. The club still exists, with branches across the U.S. and in Eastern Canada. (www.motormaids.org)

2.) Dot Robinson " Sidecar champion
Dot’s father, James Goulding, was the designer of a popular line of motorcycle sidecars. When Dot’s mother went into labor with her, Goulding took her to the hospital in a sidecar. As an adult, Dot and her husband were Harley-Davidson dealers in Detroit.
When she won a Jack Pine enduro in the sidecar class, she became the first woman ever to win an AMA national competition. She rode until she was well into her 80s, often in a pink riding suit that she adopted in the 1950s, when the customary black leather outfits became associated with outlaw gangs.

3.) Linda Wallach and Florence Blenkiron " Taking the Rugged Road
Linda grew up in the 1930s, in the English midlands near the factories where BSAs and Triumphs were manufactured. Despite her early fascination with bikes and her obvious skill as a rider, she was never encouraged to pursue such an unladylike sport.
Undeterred, she studied engineering and later took her friend Florence on an epic sidecar journey across the Sahara and south all the way to Cape Town, South Africa. The women had to argue their way past French Foreign Legion outposts and face man-eating lions (luckily they weren’t woman-eaters). They rebuilt their engine in mid-journey and once pushed their rig 25 miles. They told the whole story in a popular book titled, “The Rugged Road.”
Linda later became the first woman to earn a coveted “Gold Star” for lapping the Brooklands race oval at over 100 miles an hour. In WWII she became the first woman ever to serve as a British military dispatch rider.
After the war, she moved to the U.S. where she worked as a motorcycle mechanic, eventually owning her own dealership. She wrote a popular motorcycle training manual, then moved to Phoenix where she operated a riding school. She helped found WIMA, the Women’s International Motorcycle Association. She never owned a car and rode until her eyesight failed at the age of 88. She died less than two years after giving up her beloved sport.

4.) Bessie Stringfield " The Motorcycle Queen of Miami
The American Motorcycle Association’s “Bessie Stringfield Award” is given to women who distinguish themselves in the sport of motorcycling.
As an African-American woman in the ‘30s and ‘40s, Bessie made several well-publicized cross-country rides, fearlessly taking on both racists and sexists. She was frequently denied accommodation and there are pictures of her sleeping right on her motorcycle. Once, she was run off the road. Those experiences didn’t dim her patriotism however " during WWII she served as the U.S. military’s first female dispatch rider.
Bessie was truly a larger-than-life character. She once disguised herself as a man to win a dirt track race. She said she’d owned 27 Harley-Davidsons and one Indian. She owned up to no less than six husbands, too.

5.) Marjorie Cottle " Rode in motorcycling’s real “Great Escape”
Marjorie Cottle was one of the first female competitors in the International Six Day Trial, which is often called “the Olympics of motorcycling.”
In 1939, the ISDT was held in Nazi-controlled Austria in the last few days before England declared war on Germany. That year, Britain sent both a civilian and a military team to compete. After four days, when it seemed that war could break out at any minute, British officials told the civilian team to return to England immediately. Cottle refused to leave and competed on the fifth day alongside the British Army team. When they too were ordered to abandon competition, Cottle and the Army team rode their motorcycles to neutral territory in Switzerland.

Next week, we’ll post the stories of five contemporary riders who lend a whole new meaning to the phrase “fast woman!”

Mark Gardiner is an internationally acclaimed motorcycle journalist, the subject of a documentary film, “One Man’s Island” and the author of “Riding Man”, an account of his struggle to qualify for—and survive—the world’s most dangerous motorcycle race. www.ridingman.com
Mountain Dirt Bikes
What are mountain dirt bikes?

Mountain dirt bikes are basically dirt bikes for use in climbing and descending rocky and grassy mountains. They can be motor or peddle models and it is up to you which you go for. The motor versions are quite different in design and look to other dirt bikes because of the use they are designed and built specifically for.

How do mountain dirt bikes differ from other dirt bikes?

Specifically, the frame is a lot higher than on a standard dirt bike in order that you get more ground clearance; the extra ground clearance will help you avoid mud build-ups, rocks and other such debris when traversing a mountain or hill. The frames themselves are also much more sturdy so if you do happen to clip a rock or something similar they are unlikely to just snap in half and will provide you and your bike with more protection. The brakes are stronger, making it possible to stop your bike rolling down the hill or off a rock and they usually come with both rear and front suspension to make the trickier terrain associated with mountain riding easier to handle. The suspension also makes the ride a lot more comfortable because you will face a number of bumps and sometimes some quite manic descents down the mountain.

Generally speaking a mountain dirt bike is much more rugged and rough than a normal dirt bike because of the beating and battering it will take during it's life.

What else should I know about my mountain dirt bike?

If you own or are considering purchasing a mountain dirt bike you should know that you can't purchase normal dirt bike parts and expect them to do an equally good job on your mountain dirt bike. They simply aren't designed for the same purpose. Yes, it's true that a dirt bike is built to withstand quite a battering and a beating but it's also designed for riding around a dirt track. However, a mountain dirt bike is designed to be ridden over mountains and through rocky, grassy and muddy terrains. The tires are such that they can withstand all of these terrains as is the rest of your bike. The suspension, brakes and frames are quite different when compared to other types of dirt bikes so you should be careful when buying parts or repairing your bike.

Dirt Bikes HQ, <a href="http://www.dirtbikeshq.com/" target="_blank">http://www.dirtbikeshq.com/</a>, for lots of information about dirt biking.
Ben Spies to Yamaha World Superbike for 2009
2009 will be a very interesting year for World Superbike!
Custom Chopper Kits
Choosing the parts that your custom chopper will be made of can be very confusing, considering the large numbers of custom chopper bike kits available on the market today. Chopper innovators like Biker's Choice, Phantom Cycle, Paul Yaffe and many more sell chopper-in-a-box kits available for chopper enthusiasts. Thanks to these kits, custom choppers have become quite affordable and are no longer necessarily toys for millionaires or master mechanics.

Custom chopper kits provide the future chopper owner with all the instructions and just about every component necessary to create a perfect chopper of ones dreams. Jesse James, famous for his Discovery series "Monster Garage", offers a Big Book catalogue loaded with individual parts and accessories needed to create a fully custom bike with truly unusual frame configurations and groundbreaking metal sheet parts as seen on his TV show. However, the most exquisite details, such as an unusual tortoiseshell finish of the gas tank, can be obtained in your custom chopper only if you have your chopper built from scratch by Jesse himself.

Before you start building your custom chopper you need to ask yourself what kind of chopper are you interested in building. Then you have to set up a budget for parts, labor and inevitable cost overruns. The price of the parts has scared many chopper enthusiasts from building a custom chopper of their own, but if you have exact specifications and the time and skills to invest into the project, then parts can be fairly inexpensive. If you choose the parts for your kit at the lower end spectrum, you will still end up with bike that will look like a Jesse James creation but will still have enough money left to throw a party when your new chopper leaves the garage.

When you select the parts for your custom chopper kit, try to use the most genuine parts available on the market within your price range. Sometimes even if you have a beautiful design in-mind, you can end up with poor-looking chopper, due to a lack of attention to detail by different suppliers

Complete custom chopper kits typically consists of an engine, chassis kit, exhaust pipes, tires, steel tanks and other metal parts, taillights, various controls, a seat, headlamp and many more. The extras supplied with a chopper kit would vary depending on the brand of chopper chosen. To finish your project, you will need paint and sometimes battery acid. Most chopper kits do not provide mirrors, speedometers or other accessories. These you can buy separately according to your taste.

To avoid unpredictable result, experienced chopper builder recommend waiting until you can afford buying all the accessories from one manufacturer. Waiting may not be easy when it comes to building your dream come true. But when you finally complete your custom chopper, you will be really glad you waited.

Kathryn Whittaker writes articles on a number of different topics. For more information on Choppers please visit <a href="http://www.choppers-guide.com/" target="_blank">http://www.choppers-guide.com/</a> and for additional Chopper articles please visit the following article page <a href="http://www.choppers-guide.com/chopper-articles/" target="_blank">http://www.choppers-guide.com/chopper-articles/</a>.
Discovering A Better Motorcycle Loan With A Better Credit Score
It is common knowledge that motorcycle financing companies? base high importance on your FICO credit scores when approving motorcycle loans. However, what many people overlook is that their FICO credit score can dramatically impact the term on their motorcycle loan along with the interest rate that is assigned to the motorcycle loan.

In order to gain better motorcycle loan rates, it is highly important that you think of your FICO credit score as a picture of how risky you are to the lender. Your FICO credit score is essentially a benchmark which motorcycle financing companies use to grade you and assign a risk to you when applying for a motorcycle loan. Since factors about your credit change on a daily basis so can your FICO credit score.

The below 5 tips are designed to help ensure you improve your creditworthiness as your credit score changes. Ultimately these tips should help you obtain better motorcycle loan rates and loan terms in the future.

Watch Your Debt? Keep your account balances below 25%-30% of your available credit limit. This is especially true with your revolving credit card because many motorcycle financing companies see credit card debt as more risky. If you have a credit card with a $500 limit, you should try to keep the balance owed below $150 when you apply for a motorcycle loan.

Check Your Credit Regularly ? In today?s age it is easy to get online to check your credit report. Checking your free credit report regularly is very important because it can help you uncover inaccuracies that are affecting your FICO credit score. Don?t let your credit health suffer due to inaccurate information or errors on your credit report. If you find an inaccuracy on your credit report contact the creditor associated with the account or the credit reporting agencies to correct it immediately.

Avoid Excessive Credit Inquiries ? A credit inquiry normally happens when you apply for credit. If you have a large number of credit inquiries in a short time period many motorcycle finance companies see this as a negative since it affects your FICO credit score. Therefore, when you are applying for credit or shopping for motorcycle loans it is very important you consider how many times your credit is accessed. Be advised that sometimes motorcycle dealerships will pre-screen you for a loan by asking you for your driver licenses and social security number. Normally this results in a credit inquiry on your credit report. Be prudent in shopping for credit and motorcycle financing.

Establish Credit Early ? Time is very important part of improving your FICO credit score. Therefore, it is recommended that you start building credit early in life. Getting one or two credit cards can significantly help build your credit. However, the key to this strategy is keeping your purchases small and frequent and paying off the balance every month on time. When establishing credit you should also keep the oldest account on your credit report open in order to lengthen your period of active credit use. The length of your credit history can make a big difference in getting approved for a motorcycle loan.

Make Your Payment On-time - Paying your current credit bills on-time is one of the biggest factors that contributes to a higher FICO score. Typically when motorcycle finance companies see potential customers that do not pay their bills on-time then they either decline them or issue a motorcycle loan at a much higher interest rate. Late payments, collections and bankruptcies have the greatest negative effect on your credit score and how lenders rate you when getting a motorcycle loan.

Copyright (c) 2005, by Jay Fran.

Jay Fran is a successful author at <a href="http://www.motorcycle-financing-guide.com" target="_blank">http://www.motorcycle-financing-guide.com</a> - A comprehensive resource to compare online motorcycle financing, motorcycle loans and online motorcycle buying tips for Polaris, Honda, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha and more.
Gas Scooters Safety Rules For Staying Alive!

By following a few safety measures gas scooters can be as safe as any vehicle on the road. However, taken lightly, gas scooters can cause serious injury or even death.

Gas motor scooters are often thought of as toys, innocent and cheap fun. But it's exactly that type of thinking that can get a gas scooter driver into deep trouble. First and foremost scooters are motor vehicles just like motorcycles and automobiles. They share the road with other cars and trucks and are subject to similar laws and regulations. And although they are an object of desire for many they can be dangerous for the unexperienced or unprepared.

As a general rule gas powered scooters are regulated by state laws as either motorcycles or mopeds and are subject to similar regulations as these other motor vehicles. By staying alert and using caution many accidents can be avoided. Most accidents arise due to carelessness. By paying attention to what is going on around you and what other drivers are doing you can feel relatively safe out on the highway.

There are two things that cause the majority of accidents, speeding and following too closely to the vehicle ahead. Driving safely is all about giving other drivers enough reaction time. If another driver wants to change into your lane directly in front of you it may cause you to lose control if you are speeding and haven't enough time to react. Without enough time to slow down this maneuver by the other driver may require you to move into another lane to avoid him. This can affect other drivers in other lanes which is the beginning of many accidents.

Another major mistake that many gas scooter drivers make is following too closely. When the person ahead of you suddenly slams on the brakes you need enough time to slow down comfortably. Ramming into the back of someone's car is not what you want to do, especially when you are driving a small scooter without any protection around you. By following the speed limits and giving yourself enough room to slow down if something unexpected should happen in front of you most accidents can be prevented.

The third problem arises when gas powered scooters are purchased for use by children and teenagers who do not even possess a valid driver's license. Drivers with licenses may not be any safer on the road than unlicensed drivers, but at least they have had some training and experience behind the wheel of a car. Children and teenagers without any training can be an accident waiting to happen when it comes to motor scooters. Without any experience or training children and young teenagers can quickly find themselves in positions that experienced drivers normally would not.

Kids have been known to throw caution into the wind, darting in and out of traffic without a clue as to the dangers. On gas scooters that are so small they can't be seen well by other drivers, and without much driving experience or training, kids will pose a hazard to both themselves and the other motorists they come in contact with.

Parents should be strongly cautioned to have their children receive the proper amount of training on their gas power scooters before they are allowed onto the busy city streets. Find a deserted road and put them through a training session. The life a parent saves may be his own children's. Only after a parent feels comfortable with his child's driving skills should they allow the child onto the busier streets. By making sure that our children know the safety rules of the road we are decreasing their chances of being involved in a serious accident. Before we can legally drive a car on the highway we must all pass certain tests. Why should it be any different for younger kids?

Gas or electric scooters are wonderful little vehicles that are fun to drive, cheap to buy and are very handy for traveling short distances around the neighborhood to perform errands. They usually have larger storage room than a motorcycle and are very inexpensive to operate. There are many reasons for owning a gas scooter, but in the hands of the untrained and inexperienced they can be deadly.

The ATV, go carts, dirt bikes and mini bikes are other vehicles that are often owned and operated by younger drivers. But they are usually not seen on the city streets as scooters are. Go karts are typically driven on tracks specifically designed for the go cart. And the mini bike, dirt bike or ATVs are typically driven off road. These other vehicles avoid many of the dangers that scooter drivers must face, namely traffic on the busy highway.

Gas scooters are quite popular these days, especially among the younger market who are too young to drive cars yet. Without proper training for these kids it opens the door to possible serious accidents. As the worldwide popularity of gas scooters grows we need to make sure that people's awareness of driving and safety regulations keeps pace, especially among the kids that have no previous drivers experience.

Kids often think of gas scooters as toys, not as potentially dangerous vehicles. But a scooter is not a toy. It is a motor vehicle that is subject to certain laws and regulations. People need to be aware of the potential scooter dangers and remain alert while driving at all times. They should not drive erratically, but be predictable and courteous to other drivers on the road. They should follow the speed limits and remain a safe distance behind other vehicles. Kids should receive proper training before being allowed on the busier streets. By taking these few safety precautions we can help ensure a fun safe driving experience for all.

J Larry Alan is an enthusiast of <a href="http://www.my-gas-scooters.com">gas scooters</a>. He enjoys riding motorcycles and <a href="http://www.my-gas-scooters.com">gas powered scooters</a>. He also enjoys promoting gas scooter safety. For more information visit his site about <a href="http://www.my-gas-scooters.com">gas motor scooters</a>.
Tips On Shipping Your Motorcycle
There are quite a few differences between car and motorcycle shipping. While a car has a reliable handbrake and four wheels for extra stability a motorcycle is quite different by design having only two wheels amd nothing to keep the bike stationery except the stand. You might think that motorcycle shipping would be cheaper than car shipping because of the difference in size of vehicles but this is rarely the case. The closed carriers that are often used should be specially designed to carry motorcycles and this will mean that there will either be palettes specially designed for the purpose or there will be specially fitted tracks that serve the same purpose. What this means is that a motorcycle basically takes up the same room as a car when it needs to be shipped anywhere.

How expensive is motorcycle shipping?

This is dependant on two main factors. How far you are travelling and what services the company you intend to use has to offer. There are a variety of different services that a shipping company can offer you. You would be better using a specialist motorcycle shipper than a car shipper that offers motorcycle shipping as an extra service.

The further you are travelling and the more services you require the higher the price is likely to be, but you will receive a discount from the right company if you are transporting more than one motorbike so shop around for quotes.

Is motorcycle shipping safe?

A reputable specialist motorcycle shipping company will know exactly what they are doing with your bike. Many companies employ motorbike enthusiasts and owners to drive the carriers so you can be sure that the driver knows how much your motorbike means to you. This isn't to say there isn't the occasional accident.

A good shipping company will include some insurance with your quote and will try their utmost to ensure that nothing does go wrong. While the Insurance will cover you for scratches and careless damage by the shipping company it is unlikely to cover for acts of god' like a sinking ship or damage due to floods. If you're especially worried about this, either because of the time of year, the expected weather or simply because you are transporting your dream bike you can buy extra Insurance that covers for virtually any eventuality and your shipping company should be able to offer you a little advice on the relevant policies.

Sintilia Miecevole's resourceful motorcycle site <a href="http://www.hkmotorcycle.com" title="http://www.hkmotorcycle.com" target="_blank">http://www.hkmotorcycle.com</a> provides you with with all kinds of information from accessories, parts, apparel, magazines and luggage to dealerships, clubs and more. Be sure to visit <a href="http://www.hkmotorcycle.com" title="http://www.hkmotorcycle.com" target="_blank">http://www.hkmotorcycle.com</a> for the latest reviews.
Guide to Choosing a Driving Instructor
When it comes to choosing a driving school, or more specifically a driving instructor, there are many factors to consider in making the right choice. Choosing a driving instructor that is compatible with you is the best way to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your driving test and ultimately more likely to be a better, safer driver, when it is time to go it alone. A good driving instructor will be patient, understanding and approachable. Those factors, along with others should be central to choosing which one is right for you. Referrals When people are happy with a product or service they are usually happy to refer the business to their friends and family. The same applies with driving instructors " if your friend or family member recommends a certain driving instructor then this could be a good means of finding one that is right for you. Although your friend or family member may like the driving instructor on a personal level, it is important that you find out if they are also satisfied with his or her teaching ability and how they have turned out as a driver through using their services. Car They Drive Although you may not be too concerned with the kind of car your instructor has, this could become a factor when you eventually get in a car on your own. If, for example, you have bought a large car in preparation for when you pass your test, then you may find it a shock to your system when you have to drive a car that is much larger in size. In that instance, an influencing factor in choosing an instructor could be to choose one that has a car around the same size and engine displacement as the one that you have bought. It is also worthy of note that many driving instructors are happy to take you out in your own car, however it is better to check with them first as not all instructors and schools will be happy to do this. Experience Choosing a more experienced driving instructor will mean that you are more likely to be dealing with someone who knows a lot more than what they had to in order to pass a test. With experience comes knowledge and expertise in how to deal with students, as well as how to act on the road. Although you should not be completely put off working with a younger driving instructor altogether, it is probably best to consider someone with more years of experience to have an advantage where this is concerned. Compatibility One of the most overlooked parts of choosing any service provider is their compatibility with you. Although it may be hard to work this out on a phone, or in a quick meeting, you should try to get a grasp for whether or not you are likely to get on with them. Keep in mind that you do not have to become best friends with your driving instructor, however having a mutual understanding is vital.

David Hart, a proficient writer, writes for http://www.andy1st.info The author writes articles about Driving schools or driving instructors and driving schools directory. For more information about please visit http://www.andy1st.info/shop.php and http://www.andy1st.info/directory.php
Choosing the right Motorcycle Boot for you.

Like so many things when it comes to motorcycle apparel and gear these days, motorcycle boots are being produced by so many manufacturers its hard to pick one. You can get a cheap motorcycle boots for under a hundred bucks these days. Not only do you have different makers to choose from you know have to add motorcycle shoes to the equation. These are tough shoes made to be durable enough to give you some protection in a crash. Most have reinforced stitching, ankle protection and a shifter pad as well as a non slip type sole. If you are looking for a quality boot or shoe there are several manufacturers with a good track record to choose from. Alpinestars, AGV Sport, Double H and Icon are most of the more popular brands currently available. Not to mention non brand names. I however recommend that you go with a quality boot that is made by a well known manufacturer. I have a pair of AGV Sport motorcycle boots that have lasted 8 years. 

Picking a motorcycle boot really depends on you. If you ride a cruiser probably one of Double H 's boots will appeal to you since they are made to have a more classic styling. Double H makes an engineer boot which is a perfect nostalgic looking motorcycle boot or the Jump boot which also has a classic look. I find that people that rider cruisers tend to lean towards those styles, since they fit that sort of bike as well as the gear that goes with riding a cruiser. You would look kind of funny in race gear on a cruiser!!

Motorcycle Boots and Shoes for riders of sport bikes are quite abundant. Icon AGV and Alpinestars all make quality motorcycle boots that are tough enough to even wear on track days depending on the one you decide to wear. Most of these boots come with toe sliders, ankle support, shin  and ankle protection as well as high impact materials that are integrated in to the boot in case of a crash. These boots are usually made for more aggressive riding there fore you will find more safety features designed to protect your feet from the road. You will find these boots come in lots of different colors that will match most sport bike gear. Also most of the manufacturers of these boots also make gloves and leathers that are all color coordinated to be worn together. Now one of the newer things on the scene are motorcycle shoes. These shoes are quite durable but are not recommended for track use. They are tough enough to offer some protection but nothing like what you will get out of a full boot. The shoes are generally made for street riding. They are popular because they look much like regular tennis shoes so you can wear them at work without it being noticed. The shoes usually do not offer much in the way of protection but rather they have a non slip sole and a shifter pad which makes it easier for you to shift while riding. Most of the shoes are reinforced to some degree but not nearly like motorcycle boots.

Typically your riding style and the type of bike you ride will dictate what kind of motorcycle boots you will choose to wear. Just keep in mind to wear gear that adequately protects you for your style of riding. Ideally a helmet, gloves, jacket, riding pants and boots should be worn at all times when you are out on a motorcycle.

<p align="left">By: Dominik Hussl webmaster of <a href="http://www.discount-motorcycle-parts.net">discount-motorcycle-parts.net </a>&nbsp; come see our <a href="http://www.discount-motorcycle-parts.net/motorcycle-boots-t-10.html">motorcycle boot</a> selection.</p>
How to Buy a Pocket Bike
A pocket bike is getting to be more and more popular for people. With so many of the manufactures bringing new ideas to the bike trend, there are so many bikes to choose from to fit your style. When you are buying a pocket bike, you have to do a little research before you agree on one certain kind. One of the most important facts about buying a pocket bike is to find a high quality product at a great price. You want to get the most for your money and have a bike that will last a long time for anyone to have. There are gas and electric pocket bikes to choose from. You need to determine what style and brand that you want and then do the shopping to find the best prices around. Do not let anyone pick your pocket bike for you. This is something that you want to use and you should pick the right one for you. You want to check how powerful the bike is going to be. If the bike is for you or another adult, then the more horse power the better. If it is for a child, then you may want to tone it down a little bit more for safety. Think about how heavy the rider is going to be and where they will be riding it. The atmosphere is so important to the size and the kind that you decide on. Make sure that the bike is made from durable materials and put together in sturdy way. You should inspect the bike thoroughly so that you do miss any imperfections or mistakes. You want your ride to be as safe as possible. You should also check the store where you are buying he pocket bike. Think about their creditability and how safe it is. If you are buying online, you should do a lot of research on the company to make sure that you are buying from a store that has a good reputation. Also check the return policy of the store where are buying the pocket bike. Make sure that you can return the pocket bike if it does not meet your expectations. You should ask about this policy before you decide to purchase the bike. Understand all of the fees that you may be responsible for if you do decide to return the bike. Check to make sure that you are allowed to ride the pocket bikes in your area. Do this before you purchase your bike because it may not be legal for you to ride your pocket bike and you will not be able to return it later for this reason. You will have to decide on the bike that you want. Do not buy one just because it is the cheapest one for you. You should make sure that you are happy with the bike so that you can enjoy as much time on the pocket bike as possible. This is your investment and you will be the only one to determine the one that you want. Once you choose the perfect pocket bike for you, you will have nothing but fun riding it.

Copyright 2006 - Ivar Rudi. Ivar suggests you find great market for less by shopping online today. For more information and resources about this subject check out: http://www.pocketbikes-guide.com/ and also: http://www.mini-chopper.org/
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