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Suzuki motorcycles have interesting roots. The Suzuki company began as the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. in 1920. They were providers of great, reliable weaving looms. As the years progressed, they began to expand their influence into other markets and and in 1952, they introduced a motorized bicycle called the "Power Free". This machine was capable of allowing the rider to pedal with and without engine assistance as well as not pedal at all and have the engine power the vehicle. It was actually widely popular and lead to Suzuki's involvement with real motorcycles.

In 1963, Suzuki entered the US motorcycle market with a fast growing line of bikes. Suzuki motorcycles were synonymous with quality as well as affordable. This, coupled with a great variety of designs, led to a speedy progress in its role as a major market player in the motorcycle industry. Suzuki eventually entered the automobile industry as well and now enjoys prosperity in both sectors.

Suzuki motorcycles' most noteworthy bike was the GSX-R750. This bike was a mass-produced version of their super bike. It incredible performance not just to professional riders, but to the general public. No such bike was offered to a larger spectrum of people. The bike was acclaimed with many awards in addition to the many races it won. For the past 15 years, flocks of great American riders have honed their skills on the GSX-R750.

Suzuki motorcycles are an affordable solution that will fit the needs of most riders. For more information Suzuki motorcycles, please visit their official web site listed below.

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Suzuki Motorcycles
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Suzuki Motorcycles
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Mountain Dirt Bikes
What are mountain dirt bikes?

Mountain dirt bikes are basically dirt bikes for use in climbing and descending rocky and grassy mountains. They can be motor or peddle models and it is up to you which you go for. The motor versions are quite different in design and look to other dirt bikes because of the use they are designed and built specifically for.

How do mountain dirt bikes differ from other dirt bikes?

Specifically, the frame is a lot higher than on a standard dirt bike in order that you get more ground clearance; the extra ground clearance will help you avoid mud build-ups, rocks and other such debris when traversing a mountain or hill. The frames themselves are also much more sturdy so if you do happen to clip a rock or something similar they are unlikely to just snap in half and will provide you and your bike with more protection. The brakes are stronger, making it possible to stop your bike rolling down the hill or off a rock and they usually come with both rear and front suspension to make the trickier terrain associated with mountain riding easier to handle. The suspension also makes the ride a lot more comfortable because you will face a number of bumps and sometimes some quite manic descents down the mountain.

Generally speaking a mountain dirt bike is much more rugged and rough than a normal dirt bike because of the beating and battering it will take during it's life.

What else should I know about my mountain dirt bike?

If you own or are considering purchasing a mountain dirt bike you should know that you can't purchase normal dirt bike parts and expect them to do an equally good job on your mountain dirt bike. They simply aren't designed for the same purpose. Yes, it's true that a dirt bike is built to withstand quite a battering and a beating but it's also designed for riding around a dirt track. However, a mountain dirt bike is designed to be ridden over mountains and through rocky, grassy and muddy terrains. The tires are such that they can withstand all of these terrains as is the rest of your bike. The suspension, brakes and frames are quite different when compared to other types of dirt bikes so you should be careful when buying parts or repairing your bike.

Dirt Bikes HQ, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, for lots of information about dirt biking.
2009 International Motorcycle Show Schedule and Information
Make winter a little less boring by attending this long-running show in one of 13 U.S. cities.
An Indian and A Short Rope
Growing up on a farm ,I didn’t really get into the ball and stick games the kids in town played ;other than football and track the only sports I really cared about involved the internal combustion engine .When other kids my age were reading Inside Baseball I was devouring Hot Rod, Motor Trend, and Motors manuals, Learning what makes cars and motorcycles run. One of my friends grandpa restored old cars as a hobby ;and noticed my interest so one afternoon he pulled an old buck rake( Abuckrake was a model A Ford that they had taken the body off of ,and made it into kind of a tractor)into my parents driveway and said if it was alright with them he would just give it to me to tinker with since it had just been sitting out in a pasture for years and didn’t run he thought it would give me some good experience. Well when my friends parents came over to pick them up that evening they found us out in the pasture sitting on buckets on that ole buck rake just flying back and forth across the pasture. I had got it running and we were just trying it out. Needless to say Gramps came over the next morning and the buck rake was gone. So that’s how things got started, I had the reputation that I could get anything running And so enters Nicky Hovie; Nickie hovie had a real nice sixty three chevelle convertible Yellow,Black interior 327 4 spd ,nice car .Well he drove in and said he was given an old motorcycle and the motor was froze up and wondered if I thought I might want to try to get it running for him. I said sure thing ,so the next day he brought it over and we put it in my parents garage. Some one had painted it White with household interior paint and it really looked bad but It was an Indian Motorcycle. I pulled out the spark plugs and filled the cylinders with diesel fuel and let it set. In a couple of days I put it in gear and with the sparkplugs still out I rocked it backward and the engine broke loose. Now I could use the kick starter and I checked to se if I could get spark and I could so I had new spark plugs and put them in and with fresh gas I tried and tried but could only get it to pop. The next Saturday Nickie came over to see how I was coming and I jumped on the kick starter and It popped and Nickie got all excited .”lets pull it with my car” he said So I proceeded to get a rope, tied my end to the bumper hitch of Nickies Chevelle and handed the other end to Nickie.Well we got all straight so that I could pull him straight down the street and we were ready .----These old Indians were a lot like the old Harley 74 In that they had what people called a suicide clutch as the clutch was down at your foot and the shifter was next to the tank But on the opposite side than that of a Harley for some unknown reason. ---So I eased out on the clutch of the Chevelle,the rope became taunt, and down the street we went. As we gained speed Nickie stomped on the clutch on the ole Indian and I heard bap---bap-bap-varoom as Nickie roared past with a huge smile on his face. Un be known to me Nickie had foolishly tied the rope onto the handlebars of the motorcycle. As you can guess when Nickie came to the end of his rope things progressively got worse. Dave Shriver

Worked as A successful Real Estate Broker for 18 years V.P. Aquisition for Flag Developement Corp for 5 years Internet marketing software
Custom Chopper Kits
Choosing the parts that your custom chopper will be made of can be very confusing, considering the large numbers of custom chopper bike kits available on the market today. Chopper innovators like Biker's Choice, Phantom Cycle, Paul Yaffe and many more sell chopper-in-a-box kits available for chopper enthusiasts. Thanks to these kits, custom choppers have become quite affordable and are no longer necessarily toys for millionaires or master mechanics.

Custom chopper kits provide the future chopper owner with all the instructions and just about every component necessary to create a perfect chopper of ones dreams. Jesse James, famous for his Discovery series "Monster Garage", offers a Big Book catalogue loaded with individual parts and accessories needed to create a fully custom bike with truly unusual frame configurations and groundbreaking metal sheet parts as seen on his TV show. However, the most exquisite details, such as an unusual tortoiseshell finish of the gas tank, can be obtained in your custom chopper only if you have your chopper built from scratch by Jesse himself.

Before you start building your custom chopper you need to ask yourself what kind of chopper are you interested in building. Then you have to set up a budget for parts, labor and inevitable cost overruns. The price of the parts has scared many chopper enthusiasts from building a custom chopper of their own, but if you have exact specifications and the time and skills to invest into the project, then parts can be fairly inexpensive. If you choose the parts for your kit at the lower end spectrum, you will still end up with bike that will look like a Jesse James creation but will still have enough money left to throw a party when your new chopper leaves the garage.

When you select the parts for your custom chopper kit, try to use the most genuine parts available on the market within your price range. Sometimes even if you have a beautiful design in-mind, you can end up with poor-looking chopper, due to a lack of attention to detail by different suppliers

Complete custom chopper kits typically consists of an engine, chassis kit, exhaust pipes, tires, steel tanks and other metal parts, taillights, various controls, a seat, headlamp and many more. The extras supplied with a chopper kit would vary depending on the brand of chopper chosen. To finish your project, you will need paint and sometimes battery acid. Most chopper kits do not provide mirrors, speedometers or other accessories. These you can buy separately according to your taste.

To avoid unpredictable result, experienced chopper builder recommend waiting until you can afford buying all the accessories from one manufacturer. Waiting may not be easy when it comes to building your dream come true. But when you finally complete your custom chopper, you will be really glad you waited.

Kathryn Whittaker writes articles on a number of different topics. For more information on Choppers please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and for additional Chopper articles please visit the following article page <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.
Choosing the Best Radar Detectors for Your Motorcycle
Because of the legal/illegal status of radar detectors in the US market many different models with different functions from different brands have emerged onto the market.

Some of these radar detectors are the following:

• Radar Screamer. This unit provides immediate warning in order to get the attention of the driver. This enhances the audio warning which is produced by many radar detectors to allow the motorcycle rider to better hear the warning while at constant speed. This is a water proof device and does not depend on any replaceable batteries.

• Escort 8500 X50. This is known to be the one of best radar detectors in the market. It offers advanced digital signal processing which can be reprogrammed and will also allow you to customize your detector. This unit can be upgraded. It has a very clever auto sensitivity mode, which automatically lessens false alarms.

• HARD (Helmet Assisted Radar Detection). This unit provides an urgent visual alert. The warning can be find inside the helmet, lighting up within your field of vision which allows the immediate awareness of the radar. This is designed as an accessory to all the leading radar detectors, especially designed for motorcycling.

• Bel RX65. This is a the fast response device, featuring 'Threat Display' which tracks multiple radar signals and their relative signal strength. This allows you to customize up to 7 options for your specific driving style. Beltronics state that this is their most advanced radar, laser and safety detector.

• Cobra XRS9700 Radar Detector. This model is equipped with many features including the 11-Band technology and the SmartMute. This offers three levels of false signal controls which lessen false alerts.

• PNI Sensor Traveler II Radar Detector. This is one of the most advanced and user friendly radar detector sold nowadays. This featured bilingual voice alerts - English and Spanish. The PNI Sensor is convenient to use because of it is a cordless device.

• Whistler Pro 1730. This features a voice alert and optional mute.

• Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-D230. This automatically adjusts the laser background noise which lessens false alarms. This increases the typical scanning process by a factor of three which enables the D230 to catch even Instant-On and POP radar.

• Escort Solo II. This features the following:

1. Convenient cordless design uses
2. Uses 2 AA batteries, this maximizes the battery life
3. AutoSensitivity mode virtually eliminates false alarms
4. Long-range protection on all radar bands
5. VG-2 Protection
6. 10 user programmable features
7. High resolution graphic LCD display
8. Built-in earphone jack

Most of these radar detectors belong on the top seller lists because of high performance. So, if you have decided to buy a radar detector, you can choose confidently from the above list. But please, before you purchase, check if the use of radar detectors is legal in your states.

Nicola Kennedy publishes articles and reports and provides news, views and information about safe driving and <a href="">radar detectors for motorcyclists</a> at Radar Detecting Information. This article may be reprinted in full so long as the resource box and the live links are included intact. All rights reserved. Copyright
Motorbike Insurance Basics
Motorbike insurance is probably the best gamble of all the insurance policies available today. Accident rates are not necessarily that much higher for motorbikes, but injuries are much more likely. Having insurance is a great way to save yourself and your family a lot of heartaches in the case of an emergency. There are many different ways to find the motorbike insurance that will fit your needs. You could pull a name from the phone book and sign up then and there. You could search the internet for the company that fits your needs and wants. The best way to find the right insurance for you is to talk with friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers in the supermarket to see who they trust with something this important. Finding the motorbike insurance company is just the start. It is also important that you meet the agents at the company. Research online about how they have acted with other people’s claims (there is a blog for everything on the internet these days). Call the office with some questions and see how quickly they respond. It will be valuable information if the need to contact them ever arises in the future. When you do sit down to sign a policy for motorbike insurance, ask a few more questions. How long does the claim process take on average (my last claim took less than 48 hours " I know my agent well!)? What is the exact coverage that I am getting (have them walk you through each section now because you will never figure out that little booklet they will send you home with)? Are there any more discounts you can give me today or that I can earn in the future (we have all our policies through the same company and that gives us a large discount.)? Take your time looking for motorbike insurance. It could be the difference between financial ruin and financial salvation one day.

Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer covering the finance industry. She has written various articles on <a href="">motorbike insurance</a> and writes for <a href="">insurance daily</a>.
History of Gas Scooters

The first patents for scooters go back as far as 1921. The Razor scooter was later developed by Gino Tsai in Shanghai, Taiwan and became an instant hit with the public. It didn't take long for motor scooter popularity to expand all over the globe.

Even before 1950 there were as many as 110,000 scooters on the road in Italy alone. It has been just a little over 50 years since the Vespa-Douglas Corporation in the UK sold their first gas scooters. The Douglas corporation was on the verge of bankruptcy when they first began selling their gas scooters. It was a big hit at the 1950 Motorcycle Show and saved the company from possible financial ruin.

From 1950 to 1958 Vespa sold over 125,000 of their gas powered scooters in the UK. Why the great success? During this period the European countries didn't have a great deal of money and there was not much gas available to the public. Due to the scarcity of gasoline and the high gas mileage of the gas motor scooter it's popularity quickly escalated.

It didn't take long for the Italian models (the Piaggio from Vespa and the Lambretta from Innocenti) to branch out to other countries. In France they became so popular the French tried to get in on the boom by manufacturing their own. By the early to mid 1950s the sale of gas scooters climbed to about 1 million a year in France alone.

Other countries wanted to profit from the newest craze and tried to climb on the band wagon. While some were successful others were not. Germany began to manufacture larger touring models, but this did not satisfy the public in the way the smaller, cheaper and more fuel-efficient models from Italy and France did. These smaller models were extremely popular in the European market.

Tourist Scooters Manufacturers in Germany built some very strong and powerful versions and were the first to install electric starters. These larger versions were great for traveling, touring and even racing, but were not as popular as the smaller, cheaper, more efficient models used for traveling shorter distances around town.

Vespa began marketing a couple of very popular gas powered scooters from Piaggio, the GS 125cc and the GS 150cc. These were improved versions of the earlier models for several reasons. The biggest reason is probably because the heavy gear mechanism rods were replaced by smaller and lighter cables.

France's Roussey Scooters tried to one-up the Italian competition by coming out with a 175cc model. These were very nice vehicles and included the first water-cooled engines along with other new features, but because it had a pull-start it could not compete with the newer models from Italy that were already offering versions with electric starts.

As these wonderful vehicles have evolved over the years they have become increasingly more popular all over the world. Today they are everywhere. They are cheap to purchase, economical to operate, and are very handy and functional. These are not toys and are genuinely a lot of fun to ride. There are electric, gas powered, foldable, mobility and utility scooters.

The electric types are often used by kids and teens, but are also popular with the elderly and handicapped. Models for the handicapped are usually called mobility scooters. Folding varieties can be folded up and conveniently stored under desks, in closets or in other tiny areas and utility types are used for many different purposes. They are more popular than go karts, mini bikes or go carts. Scooters, sometimes called mopeds or go peds, are very functional, convenient and are here to stay.

J Larry Alan is a freelance author providing information about a variety of scooter topics including <a href="">gas scooters</a>, <a href="">gas powered scooters</a> and <a href="">motor scooters</a>.
Why to use an electric bicycle?
The electric bicycle is the most convenient and affordable mode of transportation available today. You may not find it convenient to travel to a particular place by electric bicycle, but at the same time you may not find it convenient to go to some places by your car too. It is sometimes very hard to drive your car to the nearby market place and hunt for a parking space to get a small thing like a milk bottle or say a bread packet. Instead, you or your son/daughter could go by the electric bicycle and get such thing and come back within less than the time it would take you to return home by your car. The electric bicycle can be used for local errands instead of using your car for which. Some people even use electric bicycle to go to work and the students enjoying riding to the college, to the tennis court. You and your children can even go for a joy ride around town or parks. An electric bicycle can really do most of your trips as well as or even faster than your car. If you calculate the cost of the fuel and time you spend doing small errands on daily basis, except going on long drive for a picnic during the week-ends, you will surely come to the conclusion that the electric bicycles are cheaper, convenient, reliable and faster than your car because the electric bicycles requires less space to store and can pass through between two parallel cars during the traffic jams. Moreover it runs on a battery which has to be charged after about 60-70 kms. You may get a used car for $500 to $1000, but then your would need regular check-up, oil changing and regular service. Whereas the electric bicycles would cost you for less than the six months amount you spend on the maintenance of your car. There is either no or very less maintenance cost of $5 worth of electricity a year for the electric bicycle. Electric bicycles are the best options for your car, bus or train ride for all those shorter distance commutes. Normally an electric bicycles travel at around 25-30 kmph which is much better than walking and traveling by car in bumper to bumper moving traffic. The electric bicycles are now available worldwide through the internet. You can visit the website where you can find the details of electric bicycles. Also you can check various designs, styles and colours and buy one from Bernsonev E.V. remaining at home and get the home delivery of the electric bicycle.

Personal scooters are not just for fun
Personal scooters are a highly valuable mobility tool for those who, for health reasons, are unable to move around in public or in their own homes. They can ease the burden of having to carry things like heavy groceries or other personal effects. In this sense they can also help people who have back problems and strains. Progresses in technology have made scooters more energy efficient, faster, lighter and more reliable, which means that there are plenty of attractive options available to you should you ever need to purchase one. For those with a disability, scooters are an essential transportation device. One of the best things is that, if you are eligible, Medicare can cover some or all of the cost for a personal scooter. To be eligible, however you should meet the following guidelines: 1.You need a scooter to move around your home. 2.You are unable to operate a manual wheelchair. 3.Your doctor prescribes a scooter for your personal use. Please contact your Doctor and ask if you are eligible to receive government aid for a personal scooter. There is now a huge diversity of scooters available worldwide. You will first need to decide which type of scooter best fits your needs and your budget. Perhaps the most important factor when deciding to buy a new scooter is to make sure it is comfortable. You will be using it a lot and it is best to make sure you are comfortable in your new little vehicle. Not all scooters are created equal and it is important to find one which suits your body type and sense of style. Scooters come in all shapes, sizes, weights, and colors. Some scooters are even ultra light-weight so conveniently they are able to fold up into small packages meaning they can be carried virtually anywhere. This feature is great for people who have difficulty getting around generally but still have enough mobility to get around on public transport. Most carry-on scooter units are fairly easy to carry and some even weigh under 50 lbs. If you are looking for this type of scooter, make sure you are able to carry it around with you. Scooters designed specifically for the elderly are now more and more common and they are a great solution for people who have trouble moving around the house. Scooters are a good solution in many circumstances as they are able to be driven around without having to rely on someone else to power them. Think about how inconvenient it is sometimes for people in non motorized wheelchairs to have to rely on a pusher at times. Scooters are convenient and highly personal. Accessories can also enhance a scooter. Rear view mirrors, extra batteries, extra pouches, and headlights can all be purchased for your scooter. You can almost add anything you need - it just depends on your personal scooter requirements.

Darren Safrin is the owner of AtoZ <a href="">Scooters</a> which is a premier source of information about Scooters. For more information, go to:
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